Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Total Bliss

This weekend we went to a marriage enrichment seminar paid for by the army. It was fabulous!!! They put Ben and I up in a hotel and paid for our food for three days, along with giving us great marriage classes. We had a great time spending time together and working on our relationship. I spend so much time on everything else but don't stop and work on my marriage very often, so it was a good change. We discussed everything that we love about each other and then spent some time on the things that we need to work on. It was refreshing to just be with Ben (don't get me wrong I love my kids) and enjoy each others company. We also enjoyed meeting another couple the first night and formed a great friendship with them. We hope to get together with them soon. So to wrap it all up I loved spending time with my best friend and husband bettering our relationship along with making some new friends. Thanks Army for a great weekend!!!

Fiddler on the Roof

Joshua finished his last performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" last Friday. He was cast as a village boy. He had the best time and made so many friends. I think he would have done it forever if they would have let him. I do have to say though, he was really good, it was a proud moment for me to watch him belt out all of the words. I think we have found one of his talents!!! Thanks to my Aunt Lisa for casting him in this production!!!! GO GET EM JOSHUA!!!


I was asked to post some of my cakes so here are some of them. (when I got them all downloaded I realized that they are all round I have done square ... I promise!!!
This one is my favorite... just kidding this one I made for my dog Bernard when he turned One!!!

This one was for my neighbor for a Christmas party.
It is made of yellow cake and frosted with
marshmallow fondant.

This one was for Chase's first birthday. It was chocolate cake and frosted with butter cream frosting.

This was cake I did for our Relief Society birthday social. It is a "Mad hatter" style made of strawberry cake and frosted with marshmallow fondant!!!

This one I did less than a month ago for my moms birthday. It is chocolate cake with fudge frosting adorned with Kit Kats!!!

Needless to say I am not a professional, but I love it!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking for a weight loss program???

I found one!!! Being sick for two weeks wasn't enough apparently because Ben and I both got the stomach flu this weekend. Yes it was a great weight loss program, not very pretty though. Ben and I have never been really sick on the same day in the eight years we have been married, so this was a treat!! For the sake of all of you readers I wont get to graphic and will leave it at, it is a good thing we are married because we saw each other in some pretty awful situations and just may have run if we didn't really love each other. Needless to say the weekend was FULL of less than nice things. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP!!!! WE HAVE FILLED OUR QUOTA FOR BEING SICK FOR THE WHOLE YEAR IN ONE MONTH!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our life in a nut shell

The recap of the last couple of weeks in bullets:

  • Lindsey sick
  • All of the children sick
  • Joshua's Play practice
  • Joshua's soccer games
  • Mom, Grandma, and Hunter's (nephew) b-days!!!
  • Joshua's first vacation without mom and dad
  • Lindsey STILL sick
  • Ellie goes on her first date with Aunt Beckie
  • Play group with my cousins and their kids
  • And many many more things that I can not remember right now!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Running, Running, and more Running

OK, is running really fun or is it just the beginning and the end of a run that is fun and the middle is awful!!! I did my first LONG run this Saturday, and at first I was excited to get out there and do it, but that wore off and then I was left with an aching body and miles still to go. I had to find it in me to keep moving my feet even though I didn't want to. As I was starting into my last mile I was giving myself a pep talk like no other. I made it though, I ran the whole way (I am not going to tell you how far it was because it felt really far to me but wouldn't be far to all of you "real" runners). It felt really good to actually finish what I set out to do even though it was hard, it was a small triumph of sorts. I look forward to the beginning and end of my next "Long" run... Here I come Saturday Morning... Am I CRAZY????