Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Fun!!!!

Here are the promised pictures of our Snow Fun! We went and spent a weekend at our cabin and snowmobiled, snowboarded, went sledding and enjoyed some fun in the Snow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just take a moment to enjoy the small stuff

Yesterday as I washed the lunch dishes I watched my beautiful manicure start to peel and crack. The dark purple didn't even last a week on my nails. I found myself for a moment thinking about what it would be like if my day was not immersed in doing dishes, changing dirty diapers and washing laundry. I daydreamed for a minute and then was jarred back to real life as play dough was being hurled across the room. I then got real I would be sooo sad if they (my beautiful children) were not apart of my life. I have been blessed with three beautiful children all of which fought really hard to be here and sometimes I forget that they are truly my biggest BLESSINGS (aside from my wonderful husband). Right then and there with dripping hands and yes, cracked manicured nails I promised my self and the lord I would enjoy them a little more, smile with them, play hide and seek and use this precious time to it's fullest, after all this time is so short and will be gone in a blink!!! So if that was not enough self reflection I came across a blog of a sweet mother (whom I do not know) who's son drowned in the bath tub two weeks ago and is currently fighting for his life at Primary Children's Hospital. Her story is both beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. I read her story for hours and cried thinking about my selfish thoughts earlier in the day wishing I could have pretty nails instead of the cracked nasty ones I had from cleaning up messes. I knew this sweet mother would take nasty nails and the much less glorious life of being a mother any day over watching her son fight for his life in a hospital bed. I went to bed last night with not only the promise I made to myself earlier in the day but with this one also: I must slow down and not let things "that can wait" get in the way of the most important things, my Children and my relationship with my husband. Thank you for helping me see the light before it was to late !!!

P.S. If you want to visit this sweet mother's story go to
*Thanks Kaelee for sharing it with me!!!

EIGHT IS GREAT... Love is in the Air

Yes, we made it to eight for all of you who didn't think we would last for eight months. Ben and I celebrated our eighth anniversary this past weekend. Ben planned it all (and if you know him well this won't surprise you) it was ALL a surprise to me... he Loves to surprise me. It was a two day extravaganza!!! He made dinner on Friday and it was gourmet. We had leg of lamb infused with garlic rosemary and lemon, SOOOOO good!!! Along side the lamb we had rosemary and olive oil roasted potato's with fresh green beans. I thought it was so thoughtful that he went to all the effort of finding the recipes then shopping for the items and then making it all, indeed I am spoiled!! He had made arrangements for the kids to sleep at my moms house so after dinner we went shopping and then to a late movie!! The next morning we got breakfast and went to the temple (we always try to do sealings on our anniversary) we missed the sealing time by ten min. but did spend some time at the temple before we went to our five... yes you read right FIVE hour spa appointment. He had made appointments for us to have all kinds of treatments plus a 90 min. massage. We had a great time relaxing and just chatting our lives have been so chaotic lately it was great to slow down. Then we went to dinner and finished off the weekend with jelato!!! It could not have been better. As I look back through the eight years some of it has been total bliss and some of it has been really hard but I wouldn't want to have spent it with anyone else. Love you Ben!!!

P.S. Thanks to my mom and sister Beckie who watched the kids so we could have a great time!!!