Monday, September 6, 2010

Were ALIVE!!!!

I am back!!!! The last two months have been full of ups and down and everything in between. Since I have blogged our family has shared some great times and some really tough ones too. For the sake of everyone's sanity I will only share the highlights...hold on it was a whirl wind...

(Just for your info. we are going backwards)


This is Ben and Joshua riding the four wheeler that Grandpa Mills bought for him in the hill behind our house.

My "Puppy" sitting in the road (I am not totally sure why he is in the road).

My kids with Aunt Beckie at the river, WE LOVE WHEN SHE COMES to visit!

Chase by the baby calf at the local dairy... We love to go get ice cream!!!

Joshua at the local zoo standing in front of the tiger.
All of us at the zoo by the "fake" tiger.

Aunt Beckie, Ellie, and Chase at the park.
OUR NEW HOUSE- still a work in progress

A month and a half ago we moved to Idaho Falls from sandy UT. It has been a very bitter sweet move for me. I really miss living close to family and friends. I have had to get use to the Idaho culture and a lot more farms... not my forte :). We moved because Ben got a job here that is Fabulous. We both feel very blessed to have such a good job and know we were being watched over even though it has been hard. Ben LOVES LOVES his job and in the short time he has been with the company he has learned a lot and been able to travel to Korea, Japan, New York, Texas, and California. I miss him a lot while he is gone but really cherish the time he gets to be home with us!!! I have enjoyed and will cont. enjoying decorating my house and getting to know more people here. I have been blessed enough to make some great friends already (Nicole you have been my life saver). ALL IN ALL EVERY DAY GETS BETTER!!!!

Chase's room, he insisted on it being ELMO.

Ellie's lady bug room

The spare bedroom -it is a patriotic theme. We are blessed to have both my grandpa's and Ben's grandpa's memorial flags along with many other military artifacts and items that really mean a lot to Ben and I.
Joshua's bedroom... what else but the U of U!!! (sorry it's sideways)

The Kitchen
The great room attached to the kitchen.
The living room aka "the home teacher room"

The family room downstairs/ playroom/office

ELLIE'S BIRTHDAY- She turned 3
Ellie turned three on June 19, I felt a little bad because that was the week we started moving so it wasn't as put together as I would have liked but there's always next year right???
Opening presents
The CAKE... she had to have a ladybug cake!!!

He kept saying he didn't want a party but you can't turn 30 without a party. So I (with the help of my sisters) threw him a surprise party. The theme was Anything Chocolate so naturally we did a chocolate buffet. I love him and am so grateful that he chose me to share his life with. Happy Birthday Ben (way back in May)!!!

The kids with Ben enjoying all the chocolate

Ben lighting his candles. I made him a chocolate souffle cake.
(I am not sure why he is lighting his own candles though?!!

So I know you can't imagine anymore but Joshua's first day of school, Chase's birthday, many visits from family, and the few cakes I have made this summer are all still to come so stay tuned!!!