Thursday, April 22, 2010

Turning the page... Begining a new chapter

*** Disclaimer: I have never been good with keeping a journal so this has become my journal. Because of that some of the little details you probably wont care about (and sorry if they bore you) but they are for my records!!!

We are moving!!! It has been a long process but Ben got offered a great job in (don't gasp) Idaho Falls. We have been talking to this company for a long time, like six months but it didn't seem like a real possibility until recently. (all the while we were in the middle of the hiring process for a gov. agency, which just made it more complicated.) In the beginning of April he was asked to come interview again. So we made it a family trip. He interviewed and I spent some time seeing the area and spending some time with my good friend Camille!!! Thanks to Camille and Paisley we had a great day!!! Ben finished interviewing and when we meet up with him again. I could tell it went well and that he felt different. We spent another day looking around and getting a feel for the neighborhoods and then came home. I knew that if they offered the job to Ben and it was good enough pay he would take it, I wasn't on board yet!! So not two days later the job was offered with a good offer on pay. We were advised to ask for what we wanted and just see if they would up it, so we did but didn't think they would up the offer. Well they DID!!! Now it was an incredible offer so all that was left was to fast and pray about it and make sure it was right. Have I mentioned I was not sold on this idea... Idaho was not my choice of places on the map and I was banking that if we moved it would be to the east coast with the gov. agency not IDAHO!!! So the next week Ben was so patient in letting me take my time to figure out all of this. I finally prayed (I didn't want to pray because I was afraid of the answer) and fasted, and attended the temple and I knew it was right. Just because I knew it was right didn't mean I wasn't scared though, we are still working on that. I did feel peace though that everything would work out and that I might even learn to love Idaho. I do have to say when I was in Idaho Falls it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I pictured all farms and cows and it isn't that small, smaller than I am use to yes but not all FARMS!!! A week later we accepted the offer, along with that we decided to no longer pursue the gov. agency job. We both felt that would have been a good job but this one was better for our family. So we have been working around the clock for about two weeks now, getting our current house ready to sell. I hope it will go on the market next week and then I will go find a house in Idaho. I do have to say as time has gone by and I have talked to people who have lived or grew up in Idaho Falls I have been put to ease, OK so maybe I judged it unfairly!!!

Although I am excited for what the future holds and for all the opportunities Ben will have I still am sad to say goodbye to Utah. We have all of our family here, have made some great friends and have a great ward. I guess the saying I always tell Joshua rings true right now. Goodbyes are sad, Hello's are scary but it's the middle we live for!!! So here comes move #7!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coach DAD

Joshua started outdoor soccer this week and loved it. I think Joshua really likes soccer no matter what but this time having Ben his coach really helps make it more fun. A couple of weeks ago they called and asked Ben if he would be willing to coach. Ben was a little reserved about it and was not sure he was qualified. After a little persuasion from me he agreed. Once Ben agreed he has jumped in head first, he has coordinated practices and team meetings both of which have gotten the team really excited to play together. The league coordinator told him it was not mandatory that they hold any outside practices or team meetings beside the scheduled games, so all of those he planned were his on his own.
Now we are fast forwarding to the game that was this week. I arrived a little late because the two younger kids were not quite ready but when we got there I scanned the six field to find Joshua and Ben. As I looked at each field I noticed the coaches were present but not super involved. Then I saw the field Joshua's team was playing on. Ben was running down the field cheering the boys on helping them know what to do by coaching them a long. At each break he gave them praise and made sure they understood everything. I have to say I was filled with pride he was going over and above what he had to do. You could immediately tell that his energy was effecting the boys in a very positive way, and that made me very thankful. Thankful that I have a husband who is willing to step out of his comfort zone to be a great Dad. Thanks Ben, and go yellow team!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


EASTER... It was a wonderful day for us. We did a few egg hunts, read the Easter story from the scriptures with our kids, spent time with family, and watched conference. The kids got new church outfits from the Easter Bunny, the boys both got the outfit Joshua is wearing although I didn't let chase wear it on Easter because I wanted him to wear it ONCE to church before he stained it. Ellie refused to wear the dress that she got so maybe next week at church I will see if I can get her to put it on.They also got candy and a spiritual or church related toy. As for me, I really liked having conference on Easter this year it seemed like it kept the meaning of Easter and Jesus the central part of the day. I have noticed in past years it is easy to get caught up in the worldly part of Easter instead of the "real meaning". I guess Conference just served as a nice reminder through out the day. Overall it was a wonderfully refreshing day for what this life is all about the things that are most important

The kids finding eggs with Grandpa Mills... We let Joshua hide the eggs a few times and never found one, even after all the adults looked for a long time. Ha Ha!!!


Ellie and Joshua looking for MORE eggs!!!