Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in Hurricane, Utah with my sister and her family. I tease my sister and brother-in-law about living in a small town, however I stand corrected because we had a really great time. And mostly because it was laid back on a small town scale.
P.S. I know that you know what I mean Kaelee!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The week at my sisters!!!!!

We have been at my sisters in southern Utah for a week. My brother-in-law Brian and sister Kellie have been so gracious. They invited us down for a little break while Ben is gone. Thanks so much for everything we have had a blast!!! And now that the trip is wrapping up take a look at the highlights.

Here is a picture of some of the kids at a splash park. This activity was soooo FUN I don't remember the last time I had that much fun right along side of them!!!
Here is my Sister Kellie with ALL the kids!!!

One Hot chick and one Hot Stud!!!

Ellie and Chase enjoying the water!!

The Smart clan!!! Taking a picture to send to Daddy!

One of the nights my brother-in-law was brave enough to watch all six kids so my sis. and I could go out. We went to the Tuacahn Amphitheatre and saw Footloose. It was a fabulous show but it was even more fun being with Kellie. Thanks for taking me Kel!!!

We also spent some time at the park. Here's Chase enjoying the grass...

and the swing!!!!
Mommy and Ellie swinging, and yes take notice to the long shaggy hair but don't worry it's being cut tommorrow.

Joshua got to participate in a local swim camp with his cousins Hunter and MaKenna. They all had a Blast!
More Swim camp!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An apology to all!!!

So I know what you're all thinking... thanks for finally updating your blog. Christmas is nice but not for SIX months!!! So here is the deal, When we moved in the office was the last room I set up so I disconnected the internet because we weren't using it (if you remember I had Chase in the middle of moving so it took months instead of weeks). After a couple of months that the internet just sat (the computer not even out of the box) I decided to cancel the service until I could get to it. I had no idea how long it would be until I got to that room with chase still in the hospital and all. you all know he came home and i slowly started to unpack my house to make a long story short i am just barely finishing our office and still have not connected the internet services back up. So it isn't as easy for me to update because I have to outside my house!!! So now you all know it isn't all that I am computer illiterate, some of it really is a valid reason. I am hoping to get everything all hookup including internet again very soon!!

Note to all: Rest assured I visit my sister in southern Utah at least twice a year so I will get help and internet access at least that much!!!! Just Kidding.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


One of Ellie's favorite gifts this year was her high heels. She wears them everywhere and if I let her she would wear themto church , the grocery store... Well anywhere and everywhere!!!
Eating my cake!!! It was a pink and purple Elmo cake that mommy made.

*Ellie insited on having an Elmo party and cake, so I did my best to make it as girlie as possible. More pictures to come of the cake!!! I lined the tables with pink and purple legos. Then around the room I decorated with big Elmo dolls!!! The cake tied it all together it had elmo sitting on top of legos.

Grandpa Mills' Funeral

Ellie and Kenna (Cousin) at a family meeting to plan the funeral.All The GIRLS... My sisters at the viewing. I can't remember the last ime we were all together. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!The BOYS... Our husbands at the viewing, well minus one and the other "soon to be husband"!!Ben saluting the casket during my grandpas military burial ceremony. Many of my cousins and their spouses some of you I haven't seen for a long time. It was great to all be together again!!!

My grandpa died unexpectedly in April. Many of the family members came and we were able to be together and celebrate a life well lived. This last year I was able to spend many wonderful moments with my grandpa that I will always cherish and am forever grateful for.