Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So we finally made it up to our family cabin. It has been about four years since I have been in the winter time. You can only access the cabin in the winter time by snowmobile and with little babies the last few years it has prohibited me from going. So finally this year they are old enough (well kind of) so last weekend we packed all of our winter gear and off we went. It was a BLAST, more fun than I even thought it would be. The last time we went we just had Joshua, thus making this time a bit different. We added two kids and a big dog!!! I originally wanted the dog to ride in the sled we hook up to the back of the snowmobiles (it is usually used to take all the gear in). So I got him in it and my sister was nice enough to agree to ride with him and we began the ride in... Not thirty seconds into it he was FREAKING OUT I mean totally freaking out Barking and flailing around. Well, needless to say he walked in following the snowmobiles. We had to stop a few times to let him rest because it is quite far from the parking lot to the cabin. I am happy to report the big winter dog made it!!! Unlike the dog my two boys loved it. Joshua has done it before but as he gets older the more he loves it!!!! Chase equally loved it even though it was his first time, he giggled every time he got to ride. My princess Ellie on the other hand did not like it at all she kept telling me "me not like mommy" me not like." Hopefully in time she will learn to like it. Once she was in the cabin that is where she stayed until (three days later) when it was time to go home!!! While we were there we enjoyed other winter fun too. The kids (I am using the word kids loosely seeing that Ellie participated in none of this) enjoyed sledding and making a snowman in the snow. At nights we enjoyed eating ice cream and brownies and watching movies (by generator because it is too high up to get power) together. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend and a better family to spend it with!!!!

P.S. I have to go now but I will post some of our fun pictures soon!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It has been a little while since I have updated anything, so here it goes. I wont go back very far and certainly not to July (which is the last time I blogged). Joshua started school and I became his class room mom (basically in charge of all the parties and extra things the class does). It has been great fun to get to know him in the classroom setting. In October for Halloween the whole family was Batman (and I must say it was one of our better years) Ben was the Joker and unrecognizable as himself we had a total BLAST!!! Then just like the previous year we did the big Thanksgiving here at our house which I always enjoy. Christmas... It was great the kids were spoiled as always by all of our family. The dog (who weighs more than me and stand as tall as my kitchen table) was even spoiled he got a large dog bed and dog treats accompanied with BONES, of course! And when it came to the close of the year Ben and I spent some time reflecting on the last year and talking about our trials and triumphs and in the end we feel very very blessed. We have each other and three wonderful children who are for the most part healthy (which is truly a miracle). We have an incredible extended family who love and support us and wonderful friends!!!! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR????