Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Puppy

A week before Christmas the hype all began....Ben informed me that he had bought the best Christmas gift I would ever get for $5. I got really worked up not knowing what he could have possibly bought me for such a bargain. So Christmas was now here and now I had spent a lot of effort on his gift becuase there was so much hype about mine. I was confident that whatever he had gotten me would not be better than the gift I had gotten him. Fuzzy and as soft as that robe was, it was not as fuzzy and soft as the puupy that was to be mine. We started opening presents and I soon forgot all the hype about my $5 gift. Last but not least he pulled out a small box from under the tree. To set the stage...everyone was present at the opening of this gift all huddled around me to await my reaction. I opened it and it looked like a ceramic cooking bowl. My first reaction was why is everyone so excited about a cooking bowl? What makes it so special especially if it was only $5. Then I read the print on the bowl and it read HUNGRY! And I knew that my gift was a puppy. I just could not believe it!! He actually got me my dream dog. Ben went into the garage and brought me who we affectionately call Bernard.

I think that all the planning that went into making this a suprise for me was pretty intense. The planning started six months earlier when Ben started looking for breeders, he found a local one and met with him to discuss the important credentials needed for such a dream dog. He put a deposit down and followed the breeder online to await the puppies arrival. At the first chance available chance he went to meet up with the breeder and pick the puppy. He also made several visits thereafter to spend bonding time with Bernard. All the family knew by Christmas Eve and could hardly wait my reaction. They were all talking and sending photos back and forth Christmas Eve and could hardly believe Ben had made my dream come true. THE DOG BOWL MAY HAVE ONLY BEEN $5 BUT THIS IS NOT A FIVE DOLLAR GIFT!

Christmas Nativity

Sometime in November we were approached from the activities chairman in our ward and asked us if we would participate in the Live Nativity. At first I was a little apprehensive but soon got excited as I watched Ben grow a beard and prepare physically for this event. I soon discovered that we were not just putting sheets over our heads that this indeed was something special. A few weeks before the party we met with a time period costume designer and prepared the costumes that would be worn that night. I played Mary, Ben played Joseph, Chase played baby Jesus and Joshua played the sheppard, as we played these parts I realized how unique and special it was that my baby got to play the part of Jesus and how special it was for us considering Chase had such an incredible journey to that point in his life. Many prayers were offered in Chase's behalf by our ward members and I think that they all recognized the miracle that he was...not only that night but his life too. As the same goes for Christ. As I was getting ready for the party and taking some time to reflect on who Mary was and the role she played in Christ's life and what it meant to me I really enjoyed taking the time getting to know her. And because of her and her willingness to play a vital role in the plan of our Salvation as the mother of Jesus we are able to return to our Heavenly Father. What an Amazing woman she must have been? A few days before the party Josh was asked to be a sheppard. Besides Ellie who was content being a rowdy church which she is on any regular anyhow, everyone got to play a part.


This year I had the opportunity to host some of my extended family and grandparents for Thanksgiving and instead of doing it how I had in previous years which was just getting by and doing the bare minimum I decided if we were going to do it we were going BIG! SO we covered every base from name tags and place settings to all of the food and desserts for 17 people. At the end of the day we had a wonderful time and was very proud that my family had pulled such a nice evening off. My proudest moment however was having all three pies that I made from scratch(including the crust) turn out and look like they were purchased from a bakery. We enjoyed so much spending the time together with family that we look forward to the years to follow.